London, Paris, Los Angeles

Mathieu Clabaux was born in the north of France where he began his hairdressing career 15 years ago. He moved to London five years later where his talent and unique approach to hair was promptly recognised by the industry. In 2007, he became Artistic Director of The Ritual Rooms, the first private hair salon in London. Located in Marylebone, The Ritual Rooms offered an alternative and exclusive approach to the hair industry - a bespoke hairdressing service and private rooms for each client.

In 2010, Mathieu met Laurent Dufourg (‘Hollywood Hair Icon’) in Los Angeles. Laurent extended an invitation for Mathieu to join him in his renowned salon in West Hollywood where Mathieu was based for three years.

Mathieu is now based in London and travels regularly to visit his loyal clients around the world. In addition,Mathieu is the Creative Director for the luxury haircare brand Onira Organics.